Dr. Kalam Startup Parikrama

UP Startup Parikrama is a state-wide effort to foster entrepreneurship and help Startups. It is a campaign for potential entrepreneurs, students, existing startups, and colleges affiliated to AKTU, especially the ones who have the potential but are reluctant due to lack of knowledge. A basic level incubation centre is established in AKTU to nurture the entrepreneurial energy of students and boost startup culture across all affiliated colleges of the University. K-CIIS organizes a one day (6 hour) event at college campuses where workshops are conducted followed by quiz sessions to identify startup sparks from college campuses.

Lecture topics to be covered-

  • Visions of Startup as seen by leaders of India
  • Improving soft skills
  • Understanding startup
  • Startup policies and support systems
  • Financial modelling
  • Business Process Development
  • Social change via startups
  • Economic and social structure of India and UP

K-CIIS conducting 3-hour activity session to select students on same day to find startup sparks.

  • Quiz on startup policy and current tech affairs
  • Essay writing on topics covered in lectures
  • Elocution events
  • Innovation challenges

Workshop session at Incubation centre

Workshop and lecture sessions frequently will be organized by university to aware and deliver updates on startups and current technical affairs. In workshops speakers are invited by University, Speakers are the expert in particular segment related to entrepreneurship.

Workshops are concerned on:

  • Idea representation
  • Building Prototype
  • Startup structure
  • Fields in which you can startup
  • Government policies on startup
  • Business plan preparation
  • Financial plan preparation
  • Type of business entities
  • How establish a company
  • Where to get legal support
  • What are IPR of a company
  • Type of funding
  • Presentation Skill